The Nuts and Bolts of ESRM

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Title: The Nuts and Bolts of ESRM


Linking security activities to enterprise mission and business goals through risk management is what ESRM is about. Its objective is to manage risks to the enterprise's people and assets in partnership with business leaders. ESRM involves collaborating with business leaders to understand the realistic effects of identified risks, developing strategies to mitigate those effects, and implementing a strategy to align with agreed levels of risk tolerance. But how does this all work in the real world? Learn how the requirements of risk context, both internal and external, must be understood before looking at the performance context, including controls, engineering, and operational requirements. Discuss the importance of the often-forgotten response, recovery, and program maintenance contexts.

Type: All Access Education

Target Audience Experience Level: Advanced

Industry Application: Banking/Finance/Insurance,Amusement/Gambling/Recreation,Government/Military/Law Enforcement

Globally Focused Session: Globally Applicable

Learning Objective #1: Apply a practical methodology to address the full life cycle of an ESRM program and demonstrate to business leaders the value it delivers to the enterprise.

Learning Objective #2: Understand how to design a business process that supports the implementation and maintenance of an ESRM program and how to deliver it to the enterprise.

Learning Objective #3: Demonstrate to non-security business leaders how an ESRM program driven by practical processes can deliver value to the enterprise.


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