Preventing Attacks on OT and ICS Networks

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Title: Preventing Attacks on OT and ICS Networks


Global infrastructures and industrial manufacturers are seeing an increase in attacks on operational technology (OT) and industrial control system (ICS) networks. Many current incidents have been driven by spear phishing and ransomware attacks. A recurring pattern involves the use of mutated ransomware, such as LockerGoga, ICS-specific attacks, such as Trisis, and attacks targeting disruption of activities rather than financial gain. Preventing these attacks can be achieve through a three-prong approach: using signatureless technologies, including Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR); segmenting networks to contain risks; and protecting OT/ICS-specific attack vectors, including portable (USB) media and computing appliances. 


Type: All Access Education

Target Audience Experience Level: Advanced

Industry Application: Banking/Finance/Insurance,Oil/Gas/Chemical,Pharmaceutical

Globally Focused Session: Europe,North America

Learning Objective #1: Understand how to use CDR to detect and prevent file-based attacks on the perimeter of the OT/ICS networks, including the processing of binary files and OT/ICS-specific file formats.

Learning Objective #2: Review network segmentation techniques, including data diodes for containing risks and preventing incidents from propagating into other network segments.

Learning Objective #3: Examine how OT and ICS security risk factors relate to portable (USB) media and other transient cyber assets that cannot be installed with security solutions.


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