Countermeasures to Protect Intellectual Property and Trade Secrets

Monday, September 21 2:35 PM - 3:25 PM EDT

Location: National Security

Event Information

Title: Countermeasures to Protect Intellectual Property and Trade Secrets


The threat environment around the globe is changing, and those changes directly affect the protection of intellectual property (IP) and trade secrets. Threats include theft of IP, counterfeiting operations, and business espionage, including social engineering, internal recruiting or planting of spies, cyber losses, and technical penetrations. Address how the threats are evolving in light of changes in technology. Review recommendations from subject matter experts on how to counter the threats with the latest countermeasures available.  Understand how countermeasures used in the past need to be updated to keep up with the current threat specturm and modus operandi.

Type: All Access Education

Target Audience Experience Level: Mid-Career

Industry Application: Defense and Intelligence,Information Technology and Telecommunications

Globally Focused Session: Europe,North America

Learning Objective #1: Understand the latest threats to IP and trade secrets, including counterfeiting, theft of IP, and business espionage.

Learning Objective #2: Examine the countermeasures that have been used for each of the threat vectors in the past and compare them to the emerging threats and modus operandi to identify gaps that can be closed through the latest countermeasures.

Learning Objective #3: Identify how countermeasures must be updated and revised to deal with the latest threats and how businesses and governments can protect IP and trade secrets with the latest updated and revised countermeasures.


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