Technology Disruption in Sports Venue Security

Tuesday, September 22 1:30 PM - 1:55 PM EDT

Location: X Learning

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Title: Technology Disruption in Sports Venue Security


The sports industry is on the brink of a revolution as teams and venues adopt new technologies, including augmented reality, virtual reality, mobile ticketing, and ticketer tracking. The tsunami of data and information that will be shared with in-venue and at-home viewers creates lucrative opportunities for teams, players, and leagues. However, each of these technology systems and platforms are ripe for exploitation by competitors, thieves, activists, and even nation-state proxies. Share insights on the sports venues and entertainment districts of the future that will drive fan engagement and inclusion. Also explore the critical vulnerabilities that will require new security approaches to protect the people, assets, and information that come together to produce any sporting event.

Type: Marketplace Learning

Target Audience Experience Level: Advanced

Industry Application: Amusement/Gambling/Recreation

Globally Focused Session: Globally Applicable

Learning Objective #1: Understand the future of technology in sports venues and districts aimed at enhancing fan engagement.

Learning Objective #2: Receive an overview of the types of future threats that pose challenges for security leaders in sports venues and districts.

Learning Objective #3: Review recommendations on ways to simulate future security threats and to help design mitigation strategies to inform short-, mid-, and long-term investments.


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