Identify Malicious Cyber Activity By Leveraging Data Within the Deep and Dark Web

Thursday, September 24 1:30 PM - 1:55 PM EDT

Location: X Learning

Event Information

Title: Identify Malicious Cyber Activity By Leveraging Data Within the Deep and Dark Web


An immense volume and variety of data is concealed in the deep and dark webs. Companies find it increasingly difficult to monitor and mitigate threats, paving the way for malicious actors to perform undetected nefarious activity. Whether it be the sale of bank routing numbers, email addresses, or counterfeit drugs, many illicit activities hide in plain sight and can be identified using publicly available information. Learn how to tap into the nearly infinite data available in the public domain, including deep and dark web data, to enhance security strategies, inform decision making, deter threats, and ultimately protect businesses and customers alike. 


Type: Marketplace Learning

Target Audience Experience Level: Mid-Career

Industry Application: Industry Agnostic

Globally Focused Session: Globally Applicable

Learning Objective #1: Learn how to use publicly available information and data found within the deep and dark webs to drive the overall success and safety of a business.

Learning Objective #2: Identify where security breaches take place and how they can be understood by gathering information and applying it in various ways, from deriving social trends to identifying threats to a public location or a person's life.

Learning Objective #3: Integrate and use information available to support and maximize the effectiveness of a business’s situational awareness, decision making, and cyber attack prevention.


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